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Motivate Students with Web 2.0 Tools
Essential Question: How can teachers use Web 2.0 Tools for engaging and high-quality learning experiences (relevant, rigor, relationships) for their students?
Link to ISTE NETS for Students

Wikispaces for Teachers
Wikispaces can be used by teachers for professional practice or for educational experiences for students.
Learn more about wikis at Motivating the Plugged In Generation.

So simple, yet so powerful. Create a post-it wall for yourself.

Glogs are presentation posters that are online and interactive. A free resource (or pay for more services), you can create student accounts for classrooms that are private. Visually engaging, students select background, graphics and text. Students can link to web pages, videos and more. Safe and secure with free educator accounts, students create a "Glog" -- a page with text, graphics, links -- it's an online, interactive poster. Very splashy, yet easy to use.

Students should have their information/research before they set up their Glog. They can bring in their own images, sound, and videos and link to web pages. It’s a good alternative for a presentation, perhaps instead of a formal typed report or PowerPoint presentation.

Check out this fine Glog Tutorial from shh8vbo
Easy to use and popular with teachers. Inexpensive educator accounts, but you can use for free. Create pages to share with others. Pages can have graphics, text, narration, and movies. VoiceThread is easy to use and it’s educational impact is that students and teachers can comment on each other’s VoiceThreads. Comments can be done via a microphone on a computer, text, or you can even phone in the comments!
Voice Thread Examples at Motivating the Plugged In Generation

Learn about Blabberize and Xtranormal in education at ISTE Connects.

Wordle allows you to create "word clouds." Wordle is quick, easy and applicable to many lessons.
Learn more about Wordle at Mansfield's Tool of the Month

Popular social bookmarking site free of charge, is used by many educators.

Similar to Delicious, but much more powerful, and a higher learning curve s required. After you create a Diigo account, you can then make it an educator account (at the bottom of their homepage). The educational accounts are secure, private, and can be shared by a group of students you set up. Every morning you receive an email from Diigo Education with some interesting links shared by other teachers.

Free, safe and secure, Edmodo is designed for the teacher to have a social network for their students.

"Create astonishing presentations live and on the web."

If you can type text, you can create a movie with one or two actors.

Voki is a free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile, and in email messages.

Create a story using characters to make a cartoon.

Animoto automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music. Fast, free and shockingly easy.

ShareTabs is an online tool that takes a bunch of links and gives back a single URL where all links are conveniently displayed in tabs.

Museum Box
Museum Box provides you with the tools to showcase descriptions of an event, person, historical period of time, or anything you can imagine into a virtual box! Maybe your class is studying Henry VIII, Solar Systems, Picasso, or even geometry, Museum Box will allow your students to present their research, their case (for or against), and their opinions about various topics.

More Web 2.0 Tools for Education
EASTCONN's Tech Council Dec. 3, 2009 Meeting