Scantron for Brooklyn Middle School

Login at and select Staff Sign-in.
The Site ID is 70-2922-0540
Your username is your cafeteria number, same as last year. Click here for staff usernames.
Your password is the same as what you used last year. If you can't remember it, email me with your password preference and I'll reset it. My email is

District Tests
  • You can only create District Tests and you can assign them to your students.
  • You can quickly create an Answer Key Only test. You would have the test already prepared or copied. Once you've created the Answer Key, you print a "bubble sheet" for students to use.
  • Except for Extended Response, all items are automatically corrected when scanned. Then the results are automatically placed into your classes. The Extended Response questions must be scored by you or another teacher and the answers "bubbled in" on the students' sheets.
  • You can create a full test with questions and answers. The best method would be to put your items in an Item Bank and then select those appropriate for a particular test. Your test can be given on the "bubble sheets" or on the web. Extended Response questions cannot be used on the web-based test because they are scored by you.

Answer Key Only
You already have or created the paper version of the test and you only want to print and scan the answer key forms.
Download the Answer Key Creation document (below) to guide you through the process.

Item Banks and Tests: Online Testing or Scanner Forms
The items created in the bank can be used for multiple tests. By using this method, your test and answer sheets will be aligned by the Scantron system. Also you can have your students take the test online, eliminating the need for printing and scanning forms.

Share with Scan Operator if you are managing tests for your grade level
If you are managing tests for your grade level, be sure to Share the Scheduled Test with scanoperator1. Then you can sign in as scanoperator1, password: brooklyn! so that you can print and scan forms.