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SMART Board Resources

SMART Board Use
  1. With any application, you can use the SMART Board as a touch-sensitive screen. Furthermore you can pull up a keyboard to enter text or numbers and annotate the screen with floating tools and save it.
  2. With Microsoft Office, you have tools that provide enhanced SMART Board features, such as converting handwriting to text for Word and Excel, and providing additional tools in PowerPoint.
  3. With SMART Notebook and other SMART Tech applications, you have applications that are fully integrated with the board.

SMART Board Resources
SMART Tech is the company that produces the SMART Board and you can find many resources there.
Download instruction guides and view tutorials.
Download the software to your home computer.

EASTCONN's SMART Users Group Wikispace for resources and ideas from our community.

SMART Notebook
  • The Notebook software has many features for educational applications. Some of these include:
  • The Galleries provide pictures and flash programs for enhancing your curriculum.
  • The Lesson Activity Toolkit provides "bells and whistles" to embellish your lessons.
  • Screenshots can be placed on a notebook page.

Screen Shots from PowerPoint Slide Shows into SMART Notebook
If you try to use the camera on the floating tools while you are viewing a Powerpoint Slideshow, it leaves the show! If you want to take a picture of the image, there are 2 suggestions specific to the Macintosh.
  1. Use Shift+Command, and then press 3. This will create a file called Picture 1 on your desktop. If there is already a Picture 1, it will be labeled Picture 2. The numbers increase by one each time until you delete them.
  2. Use Shift+Command, and then press 4 to get the crosshairs so you can select a portion of your screen. Similar to the technique above, files will be called Picture 1, Picture 2, etc. on the Desktop.
In SMART Notebook, you can Insert the Picture files.

Integrating Discovery Education with SMART
There are many media resources that can be used with the interactive whiteboard similar to any website you are viewing. Also you can use the Floating Tools to annotate any web page and capture the image.

Depending on how you are using video you can view it in 2 ways. (For the specifics on how to download the video, see the Discovery Education page of this wiki.
  1. Download the movie as a QuickTime file and show in the QuickTime player.
  2. Download the movie as a Flash Video file and Insert it into SMART Notebook.

Sample Notebooks

Reference Handouts

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