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Export to Excel
Since Excel is a popular application for data analysis and can open a variety of data file types, other applications allow you to export to Excel. For example, at the upper left of any Scantron data screen, you can export to Excel.
Some helpful data analysis tools are:
Conditional Formatting (Suggest you "Format" with "Patterns" and select a light color to highlight the cell.)

Scantron to Excel: Classroom Data Analysis
  1. Select the Classroom Area icon and then select your class. You will notice the student scores listed for the tests taken.
  2. Select the A+ to view more information.
  3. Test Scores and Item Analysis are probably the most interesting to export into Excel. You should switch to the Table Layout (upper right) first.
  4. Select the "Export CSV" and open the file in Excel.
  5. You now can use the features in Excel to analyze the data.

Point Biserial (Item Analysis Statistic)
The point biserial correlation coefficient (PBCC) measures the correlation between the correct answer on an item and the total test score of a student. The point biserial identifies items that correctly discriminate between high and low groups, as defined by the test as a whole (as opposed to only the upper and lower 27% of a group). Generally, the higher the point biserial the better the item discrimination, and thus, the better the item. The following general criteria may be used to evaluate test items.

General Point Biserial Interpretation

.30 and above
Very good item
.20 to .29
Reasonably good item
.09 to .19
Marginal item; needs improvement
below .09
Poor item; reject or improve